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RV300A Panel light therapy

RV300A Panel light therapy

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The difference between different wavelengths.

Red Light(630nm)
Red light at 630 nm penetrates the skin to a depth
of about 1-2 millimeters, making it benefcial for
treating issues affecting the skin's epidermis and
dermis, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and superfcial

Red Light(660nm)
Red Light is readily absorbed bv surface tissues
and cells,offering benefts for skin texture and tone,
smoothing fine wrinkles, promoting collagen production
and enhancing skin appearance.

Near-Infrared Light(810nm)
An 810nm wavelength can help red blood cells do
a better job of carrying oxygen from the lungs to
body cells. Improving the delivery of oxygen can
help regenerate damaged muscle and tendon tissue.

Near-Infrared Light(830nm)
Near-infrared light at 830 nm penetrates much
deeper, up to several centimeters, reaching the
dermis and hypodermis layers. This deep
penetration can stimulate cellular activity in the
deeper layers of the skin and the underlying tissues.

Near-Infrared Light(850nm)
Near-infrared (NIR) light is invisible to the human eye.
It penetrates deeper into the tissue to deliver eneray
to the body's cells while enhancing recovery, healing
deep wounds, muscle aches, nerve iniurv and/or joint

RVA Panel SeriesFeatures

Adiding's manufactureris FDA-licensed, and we diligently choose the best quality materials to ensure that every vital component in our products has a CLASS II lineage.

Recovery +
Utilizes advanced pulsing LED technology to boost recovery and performance.

3 Modes
RLT devices that deliver red/near-infrared (NIR) and the combination of both wavelengths with a cutting-edge,patented design.

The Advanced Home Device
RVA Panel with modular design can increase your
ideal treatment setup. Our light therapy system that is optimal
for your home and needs.

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What Is Red Light Therapy?

Different Types of Light
Utilizing a combination of different light, clinically proven wavelengths, enhances and expands the opportunity for results.


When will my order ship?

New Orders

**Up to 5 business days

- **Please note, the following shipping dates are estimates and may be subject to change. If your order included multiple devices, the order will not ship until the entire order has been processed. Orders are fulfilled as first-come-first-serve, based on configuration and shipping location.

How will I be notified when my order ships?

Once your order is placed, no additional action is needed. We will notify you by email, as soon as your order ships. This email will include your details, as well as personalized tracking information from the carrier. 

Can I modify my order?

Orders can be cancelled up to reaching processing status. In order to prevent delivery delays and/or errors, it is our policy not to apply any modifications once the order is placed. These modifications include but are not limited to shipping and/or billing address, payment method, and item substitutions.Please note, if the customer modifies the shipping address, shipping method, or any other alterations via the carrier, Adiding is not responsible for delays, lost packages and/or failed delivery as a result of these modifications. 

What is your return policy?

For information on Adiding's return policies, please visit our  Returns Page.

Once my skin problems have been resolved, do 1 stop using the light?

It is best that you continue the use of the light once or twice per week as a part of a regular maintenance practice. This will help to make sure that the benefits will continue over the long-term.

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